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User’s Manual: The Grand Domestic Revolution

Grand Domestic Revolution residency, Utrecht. During this time Wietske will turn the public-domestic-studio apartment into a convivial kitchen-pharmacy to host consultations and experimental dinners to transform ingredients collected from in and around the city of Utrecht into a treatment for common complaints and pathologies related to life in the city.

Fort Beleg

Fort Beleg, an installation as part of KAAP an annual art event for kids in a former military bunker complex on the outskirts of Utrecht and will open Sunday 23 May, 2010.


Urbmouth was presented Sunday 14th March, 2010, as part of the AV festival in Newcastle (UK). An intoxicating cordial that debunks the Campari myth.

Urban Sanatorium Supper

A supper for pathologic appetites held on 18 October 2009 in the W.G kunst, a former sanatorium as part of the Wilhelmina Gasthuis hospital complex, Amsterdam.

Sacrament for unwanted plants, Heilige Bonen

On 28 June 2009 4.30 til 5.30 in the Jeruzalem church, a dawn service ‘Heilige Bonen’ was held as a sanctification for all the plants which are growing wildly, autonomously and unwantedly around the church.

What’s Eating Amsterdam?

An expedition and convivial dinner on the invasive parasites of Amsterdam developed by Wietske Maas and Matteo Pasquinelli in cooperation with Sher Doruff, Rick Dolphijn and restaurant As cook Sander Overeinder.

The Cook, the Farmer, his Wife and their Neighbour

Farming and cooking are viewed as a way for people to share knowledge and traditions, and a means for the cultural renewal and rebirth of the neighbourhood.

Ferment Brussels

A fermented honey concoction using metropolitan ingredients to remake the primordial drink hydromel (the mythological ambrosia).

DeStilling Still Life

Artists Wietske Maas and Nikolaus Gansterer distilled a 17th century Dutch still life as part of KAAP*, an international art event for kids in an old fortress in Utrecht.