Urbmouth was presented Sunday 14th March, 2010, as part of the AV festival in Newcastle (UK). An intoxicating cordial that debunks the Campari myth.

Urbmouth is a panacea for urban ills made entirely with ingredients sourced, siphoned and scraped from the abdomen of Amsterdam: from mugwort to thistle roots, herb bennett to rhubarb. The process of sourcing the plants for this medicinal aperitif is both a poetic exploration and a galenical excursion along vegetal and historical routes of Amsterdam.

AV festival
Feral Trade Cafe, cocktail hour talks: Wietske Maas, Urbanibalism
Sunday, 14th March 5.00-6.00 pm
Newcastle, Tyneside cinema

Feral Trade Café: Cocktail Hour Talks

Between 5–6pm Cocktail Hour speakers present experiments and findings on the politics, economics and sociology of food, our most fundamental energy unit. Speakers include: Avery Gordon, Ruth Catlow, James Kennard, Dominic Smith, Wietske Maas, Kate Rich (initiator Feral Trade)