User’s Manual: The Grand Domestic Revolution

Residency between 15-28 June, as part of Casco’s Grand Domestic Revolution project in Utrecht.

During this time the public-domestic-studio apartment was turned into a convivial kitchen-pharmacy to host consultations and experimental dinners to transform ingredients collected from in and around the city of Utrecht into a treatment for common complaints and pathologies related to life in the city.

Gathering knowledges from Chinese herbalist-neighbour, local residents, an epidemiologist, monks, tree doctors, pharmacists, artists and more, urban food researcher Wietske Maas is drawing a recipe-map of the edible geography of Utrecht — its hygiene, toxicity, medicinal qualities, urban food supply routes and politics — to come up with new possibilities on how we can use the city as remedy and change our existing habits of consumption in the urban context.

Grand Domestic Revolution photoset