Inflexions Issue 3 – Micropolitics: Exploring Ethico Aesthetics – What’s Eating Amsterdam?

What’s Eating Amsterdam was a two-week process & eventual event led by Wietske Maas and Matteo Pasquinelli along with Rick Dolphijn and Sher Doruff and other local participants. This event had each convivum guest find and feed off the (in)visible concrete garden of plant life in Amsterdam, flourishing in dispersed yet intense ecological life-worlds; the wild shoots and anomalous plant communities that thrive ‘out of control’ in the interstices of regulated urban space.

This event inspired the publications ‘Digestive Derivatives” by Sher Doruff and “Appetite Forever” by Rick Dolphijn and Veridiana Zurita.

Inflexions Issue 3 : Micropolitics Exploring Ethico Aesthetics, What’s Eating Amsterdam?