The Manifesto of Urban Cannibalism ( announces an ongoing project by Wietske Maas and Matteo Pasquinelli, which explores an extended notion of urban and architectural metabolism. While a previous version was declared in Amsterdam, this new declaration was performed at the Sophiensaele Theatre, Berlin, 5 July 2012. It appears here in print in the Australian Design Review AR 128: New Civic Realms — on a layout of fleshsome marble and granite. Now, read on and become drunk on earth!

January 2013

AR 128: New Civic Realms


‘The Case for Fiction Architecture’ by Simon Thornton
‘Intimate Metamorphosis: Film and Architectural Space’ by Adrian Martin
‘Toxic Ruins: The Political and Economic Cost of “Ruin Porn”‘ by Agata Pyzik
‘Manifesto of Urban Cannibalism’ by Wietkse Maas and Matteo Pasquinelli
‘Road Trip: Red-dirt Voodoo’ by Simon Sellars